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  1. Hold You Down
    Ezel ft. Earl W. Green

  2. Hard To Stay Away (Incl. Atjazz Remix)
    Ezel ft. Rona Ray

  3. Ezel Bootleg Vault vol.1 2020 - 2022

  4. I Am Every Woman (Ezel Remixes)

  5. Gloria (Ezel Remixes)

  6. Them Changes (Ezel Remixes)

  7. Don't Know Yet
    Ezel ft. Rona Ray

  8. The Boy Is Mine (Ezel Remixes)

  9. Keep On (Ezel Remixes)

  10. Dream on Dreamer (Ezel Remixes)

  11. Outstanding (Ezel Remixes)

  12. Keep Tryin (Ezel Remixes)

  13. Cry For You (Ezel Remixes)

  14. Talking About A Child (Ezel Remixes)

  15. Doo Woop (That Thing) Ezel Remixes

  16. Touch Me Tease Me (Ezel Remixes)

  17. Leave the Door Open (Ezel Remixes)

  18. No Gravity
    Ezel & Rona Ray

  19. Why Don't We Fall in Love (Ezel Remixes)

  20. Damage (Ezel Remixes)

  21. Damage (Ezel Remix)

  22. My First Love (Ezel Re-Edit)

  23. Secret Love (Ezel Remixes)

  24. After Party (Ezel Valentine Mix)

  25. Fire
    Ezel ft. Lee Wilson

  26. Bourrique La (Bayacou Guine Re-Edit) Remastered

  27. Beautiful
    Ezel ft. Earl W. Green

  28. The Throwback

  29. Every Time (Ezel Remixes)
    Mothers Favorite Child ft. Morris Alan

  30. Nothing Can Come Between Us (Ezel Remixes)

  31. Refixes & Re-Edits vol.1

  32. Satisfy (Ezel Unreleased Quisqueya Soul Remix)

  33. Hard to Stay Away
    Ezel ft. Rona Ray

  34. Betray My Heart (Ezel Remix)

  35. Bravebird (Ezel Remixes)

  36. Every Little Step (Ezel Funk Remix)

  37. Call My Name (Ezel Remixes)
    Dj Fudge & Ezel ft. Mani Hoffman

  38. It's Alright EP

  39. She (Ezel Remixes)

  40. Sweet Life (Ezel Remixes)

  41. I Wanna Know (Ezel Classic Remixes)

  42. Embrujo

  43. So Into You (Ezel Classic Remix)

  44. Soon as I Get Home (Ezel Remix)

  45. Anacaona (Ezel Remixes)

  46. Recovered and Remastered: Bayacou Guine Lost Remixes vol.1

  47. Con El Agua

  48. Already Knew
    Ezel ft. Mike City

  49. Sen Jak EP

  50. U Made Me EP

  51. Let Go
    Ezel ft. Rebel Layonn

  52. Anba Dlo

  53. All This Time
    Ezel ft. Mike City

  54. Origins EP

  55. Lurking EP


Ezel New York, New York

Hailing from Santo Domingo, D.R., Ezel is multi-dimensional artist, producer and DJ whose work has been met multiple times with critical acclaim and with chart topping success.

Representing this own imprint Bayacou Records, he strives to create timeless music that appeals to discerned dancefloors navigating with ease the diverse genres of electronic in the quest of deeply satisfying grooves.
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